[Free Download]Pokemon Light Platinum

Pokemon Light Platinum ROM is one of the most popular games of Gameboy advance SP. To play this game you need to download GBA emulator. before downloading the game you can see the trailer.

Feature of Pokemon Light Platinum

Pokemon platinum ROM has all the features of Pokemon games. Pokémon Platinum ROM download brings a lot of Pokemon battles to take part in.

Also Download Pokemon Platinum ROM

This game has all our favorite Pokemons with a handful of rare Pokemons to train and fight with. To have countless Pokemon battles and challenges, get our Pokemon Platinum download now! Here are some keypoint of Pokemon Light Platinum-

  • Two New Regions, Lauren and Zhery
  • Two New League for each Region
  • New Sprite for all Pokémon
  • New Maps
  • New Tilesets for all Maps
  • Headbut Tree
  • Honey Tree
  • Safari Zone (Field, Swamp, Snow, Desert)
  • World Championship

Download Pokemon Light Platinum

If you want to download pokemon light ROM, here are the link given below, you can download this game through this download button.

Download Pokemon Platinum ROM (Mediafire)

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