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Pokemon Platinum ROM (v01) is one of the best games in Japan, you can Download the 3541- Pokemon Platinum ROM (US) version from this site and play with an NDS emulator on your pc. This version is supported with windows, Mac, Linux.

Download Pokemon Platinum Rom (v01)

Pokemon Platinum is the 11th game in the Pokemon video game series. It was released in fall 2008 on the Nintendo DS as the third Gen IV Pokemon title. Pokemon Platinum acts as a definitive edition to the previous Pokemon title, Pokemon: Diamond and Pearl. The game adds new features on top of the content present in its predecessor released a year earlier.

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About Pokemon Platinum Rom

Pokemon Platinum ROM is a role-playing video game. The 3rd game of 4th generation pokemon games, Pokemon Platinum Rom expands on the gameplay of Diamond and Pearl, adding new features, improve many things then pokemon gold. There is so many version pokemon Rom is available on the internet but Pokemon Platinum Rom version game is one of the best genre game till today. Playing genre game that was loved by 2,731,061 of our users, who appreciated this game have given a 4.7-star rating.

In this game, you can choose a male or female character and you can select one of three pokemon, also In this game, you are a person that is trying to hunt red Granados with his/her friend. ten you try to be the very best like no one ever was!

Pokemon Platinum ROM

In this version of this game, basic mechanisms are the same as Diamond and Pearl. there are three-screen, one is a field map which is used for the main character, the second one is a menu where players configure their party and the last one is a pokemon battle When the player encounters a wild Pokémon or is challenged by a trainer to a battle, the screen switches to a turn-based battle screen where the Pokémon battle.

Pokemon Platinum Rom Features

  • Platinum adds an area called the “Wi-Fi Plaza”, There are several Pokemon species-themed mini-games with up to 20 players. Platinum Rom also allows players to record battles held in the Battle Frontier or on Wi-Fi. with global trade system players to trade anonymously over a Wi-Fi connection, returns in Platinum.
  • Recorder, a new item where players can post online and save cartridge “videos” of their best online fights. it’s still cool to be able to see how some players manage to fight certain creatures. also, players can upload Pokémon from Platinum to the Wii games Pokémon Battle Revolution.
  • Besides this new version introduces many new features: The trios of Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres, Regirock, and Registeel have been added to the game.
  • In this version of game, there is snow on the ground in other locations where it was not seen in Diamond and Pearl version, and also the player characters and the player’s rival are dressed for colder weather
Pokemon Platinum Version
Pokemon Platinum

The Videogame Series of Pokemon Platinum ROM

The Pokemon videogame series feature standard RPG mechanics but with a twist! Instead of player character fighting the enemies themselves, they fight with their captured Pokemon. The game incorporates dungeon crawling elements with puzzles and action role playing.

The Pokemon video game series is the 2nd best-selling game franchise right after Mario. Over 18 games have been released for several Nintendo consoles, everything from the Game Boy to the Nintendo Switch. The subsequent versions of the games are released in pairs with minor differences between them.

The TV Show of Pokemon Platinum ROM

The Pokemon animated series takes us on the journey of a young, short tempered, Pokemon trainer called Ash Ketchum and his Pokemon, Pikachu. Ash faces countless foes and challenges aiming toward his goal of becoming an accomplished Pokemon Master. Along the way, he meets new friends, goes on exciting adventures, captures Pokemon, and learns about the true virtues of teamwork and friendship.

New Pokemon

Pokemon Platinum adds a wide array of Pokemon for the player to discover. The new Pokemon roster includes everything from starters, commons, uncommon, and rare Pokemon. Giratina makes an appearance in Pokemon Platinum as the game’s legendary Pokemon.

Pokemon Platinum Rom Download

Pokemon Platinum ROM Version (US) download is available to play for Nintendo DS.this version is in US English. Download it from pokemonplatinumrom.com, it is virus-free. and play it on desktop or laptop with your favorite emulator in high quality, But NDS Emulator is most preferable. If you don’t like this emulator you can go with DraStic DS Emulator, EmuBox, nds4droid, RetroArch these also.

FILE NAME 3541 Pokemon Platinum Version (US)
RATING ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
CONSOLE Nintendo DS (Download Emulator)
GENRE Role Playing

What are the best Pokemon in platinum?

Alakazam,Gardevoir and Espeon are great Psychic types being fast and having very high special attack stat.

Which hand should I choose in Pokemon Platinum?

Whichever you choose she ‘ll give it to you in the opposite hand that you chose so it doesn’t matter.

How to download pokemon platinum ROM

First you have to visit https pokemonplatinumrom.com, and click download buttom, you will redirect to download page.

Is Pokemon Platinum better than diamond?

definetly yes, it is a update version of diamond.

From which GBA emulator can play Pokemon Indian platinum ROM

Play Pokemon Platinum Version on NDS – Emulator Online.